Saturday, February 18, 2012

Green Crafts

 At our last meeting, we decided to have a craft day 
where we tried out all of the crafts we do at our 
programs and events. 
We started on our bottle cap magnets (love them!)
and Liz even made a reusable grocery bag 
out of a t-shirt... How cool is that?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Note from the Prez!

Residence Challenge and Recyclemania are just around the corner! The first is a school-wide competition that encourages students to save energy, while the latter is a nation-wide competition in which the goal is the recycle the most and have the least amount of waste. Eco Reps is a student-lead organization who is committed to making on-campus life more eco-friendly. We offer several different dorm programs that can help your residents become more environmentally aware. Here is a list of some of those programs:

Edible compost – This program will educate your residents on composting and includes a delicious snack that symbolizes the process of decomposition.

Recycled Notebooks – This is a craft oriented program; it emphasizes the reusing and recycling of cardboard and paper. Residents are encouraged to bring their favorite cereal or other cardboard boxes for the notebooks.

Bottle Cap Magnets – Another craft, this reuses bottle caps and magazine clippings to make a decorative refrigerator magnet. Again, students are encouraged to bring their favorite magazines.

T-shirt tote bags - This is a new program. It entails the cutting and stapling of old T-shirts to create a unique tote bag. Residents are asked to bring an old T-shirt (the larger the better).

These are the most popular, but we are open to ideas you may have of other ways to educate your residents about reducing, reusing, and recycling. We can conduct these programs or we can provide you with the materials to do it yourself. If you have any questions or are interested in our programs, please contact Liz at


Liz Emley

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Keep close to Nature's heart...and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”  -John Muir

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Liz Emley is a sophomore at OU majoring in Restaurant, Hotel, and Tourism. After college, she hopes to own her own eco-friendly restaurant with her best friend Adam somewhere here in Ohio. Her favorite hobbies and things include cooking, music, playing card games, and kitty cats.

Matthew Dougherty is a sophomore at OU studying creative writing as well as outdoor recreation and music.  He plans to be an author, rock star, and outdoorsman.  He worships nature and wants it to be preserved for future generations.  He is from Cleveland and loves the Cavs. 

Shanon Wise is a sophomore majoring in Fine Arts Photography, while getting a certificate in Environmental Studies. After college, she plans to purse a career in photography - promoting marine and environmental conservation. In her spare time, Shanon likes to travel, read, take photos, and promote awareness to help animal welfare and to keep the green movement going.

Mariah Thrush is a Lancaster, OH native and is a sophomore at OU, studying environmental and plant biology and minoring in biology. After college, she plans on working for the Environmental Protection Association, or something of the sort. In her free time, she likes to kayak, read, lounge in her hammock, and creek-stomp.

Emily Estep is a freshman at Ohio University studying journalism. She plans to have a career writing about entertainment news. Her home and heart lies in Pittsburgh, and she enjoys movies, television, and spending time with her family.

Jacob Moauro is a Cleveland native and thus has lots of faith in the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He is studying Sociology and Business.  When not partaking in Eco-Rep related issues, Jake enjoys trips to Strouds Run, playing basketball and tennis and when winter begins, loves to get a nice sledding session in.  

Allison Potteiger is a senior at OU studying public relations and also obtaining the environmental studies certificate. She plans to work in the environmental education sector. Allison was raised near the Cleveland area and enjoys hiking, live concerts, movies, reading, and playing with dogs.

Alice Ragland is a freshman pursuing a Specialized Study degree and a minor in Spanish. Her program of study combines journalism, creative writing, and playwriting. She plans to get a Master's degree in nonprofit organization management. Alice enjoys playing her flute, planting trees, and helping the world.

Alex Slaymaker is a freshmen at OU and she is currently majoring in chemical engineering.  She loves animals and makes animal factsheets for her friends.  She also is interested in the conservation and restoration of the Amazon Rainforest.  She lives in a suburb of Cleveland but has lived all over the U.S.

About us

Eco-Reps is a network of environmentally concerned students. 
Each rep. is the environmental contact for his or her residence hall.
 Reps promote energy conservation, composting, recycling, ResChallenge, RecycleMania and more!